A Diet Of Alternative Facts

[ad_1] The events culminating in our election outcome were characterized as the advent of a “post truth era.” We have since devolved from post-truth, to “alternative facts:” essentially, a choice between bald-faced lies about verified reality ― or delusion, calling out for medical care. Either way, we are being fed a daily diet of unpalatable (to mostContinue reading

The Final Betrayal of Sudan: Obama administration’s lifting of economic sanctions; UN Ambassador Samantha Power justifying the move, claiming a “sea change” of improvement in humanitarian access

[ad_1] The moral hypocrisy, the mendacity, and the sheer foolishness of the Obama administration’s claim that there has been a “sea change” of improvement in Khartoum’s facilitating of humanitarian access in Sudan is staggering. This isn’t some shading of the truth; this isn’t slightly disingenuous; it is a bald lie. A humanitarian with extensive experienceContinue reading